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May 30, 2009

Science- Tech

Flying Car? Now, It's Just a Dream

NEW YORK - Flying cars is not a dream anymore. Flying Cars that appear in the 108th New York International Show at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. Once the exhibition opened, March 21st 2009, a car that attract the visitors.
AirCar-name-made cars fly-Milner Motors to become one of many attractions in the exhibition which lasted until 30 March. Cars that can dikendarai on the road. When the road traffic jams at busy hours, the car can be converted into plane.
James Milner, as well as the owner of the Milner Motors, the car was designed with the son, Chris Milner. "Have complete flight can transport problems of the world," said Milner, a former pilot who came from Vancouver, Canada, concerning the idea of making a car fly like the Daily Mirror newspaper quoted.

AirCar has four seats, four doors and four wheels, like a car. But, in the wings have a short snout. The rear wing has a "giant". In a few seconds, the length of the wing can be folded and shaped to cover the two-propeller on the back.

From the data cited Tech Digest, AirCar can fly up to 25 thousand feet (7,620 meters) with speeds up to 200 miles (321.8 km) per hour. In addition to strength diesel engine 40 horse power, AirCar has two machines that encourage play prop ganda measuring 28 inches.

Cars fly around with the weight of 3000 pounds (about 1500 kg or 1.5 tons) that have the ability to crawl 1000 miles (about 1609 km). Driver (or pilot) to use a traditional wheel, as in the car.

Not disclosed how much the car was flying was tested during this attempt. Launch perdananya deliberately held in New York International Show. Cars worth around 250 thousand Pounds Sterling (approximately Rp 4.5 billion with Rp 18 thousand per GBP 1) was sold new in 2010. (bi)


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Flying Cars Ready to Flying First

The first flying car in the world called "Transition" has been ready to fly next month, "transition" in 15 seconds can be changed such as "Transformers" unfold a pair of folding wings on the side of the car to fly, if the successful first flight, expected in 18 months can be sold widely , estimated to cost about U.S. $ 200,000.

According to the "Sunday Times" that the success of the flying car "Transition" is a research and development on a former NASA engineer. Created by the company manufacturing Terrafugia Massachusetts. Total length of "Transition" with the two seats is 5.8 meters, 8.38 meters long wings. Part of the same with all other vehicles in general, use normal gasoline-free reciprocal, bensinnya can be charged in general pom gasoline. In the way of speed 144 km / hour, the day can be in the parking garage home.

"Transition" on the power of 100 HP generator, generator functions as a driving car, also can be changed form of propeller behind, if you want to "fly", the button is clicked, in 15 seconds can dibentangkan wing, a flash turned into an aircraft with a wingspan of more than 7 meters and can fly to heaven, if not flying wings can be folded up, placed in the seat.

In addition, the "Transition" is equipped with GPS (global positioning system), technology, computer control systems and electronic control technology, satellite technology and equipment High-end other drivers do not need to master driving techniques that are very difficult, such as an aircraft pilot.

Terrafugia companies that produce flying cars is said, the speed to fly "Transition" is around 185 km / hour, after the fuel tanks filled full, it can fly at speeds of 185 km / hr, farthest distance around 805 kilometers, speed driving on the road can also be reached 145 km / hour.

If run properly, the "flying car" the first in the world in approximately 18 months to enter the market, although the selling price of $ 200,000, but the company says has received 40 orders.

Flight delays "Transition" because of technical problems, a number of road transport and licensing authorities do not know the aircraft is classified as plane or car, to spend time after the half year to get a new license is required. Driver must also have a pilot license aircraft. According to the report the only platform that allowed by the way United States is to fly in Alaska.

Mr.Ghosh Vice President Terrafugia said that the government, insurance companies and lawyers do not ever try to fly the car, pity he can not now insured, but she was sure after the "Transition" penerbangannya success in tests, can be landed safely, the car could fly would be insured . (Erabaru / lim)
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