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July 03, 2009

Kawasaki Trail KLX150S

JAKARTA, PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia (KMI) has launched new product type, or dual-purpose trail, the KLX150S. Launching is done mid-May in East Senayan parking in The Art of Adventure attended KMI management that generally comes from Japan. Motorcycle market is the price of Rp 21.7 million (on the road, Jakarta).
Until now, the only KMI manufacturer or ATPM motorcycle market in Indonesia to motor trail. Previously, the manufacturer is known as the green has been the mid KLX250S ago.

"We continue to strive to meet the needs of Indonesian consumers. Especially those who need a trail bike or dual purpose. We pilihkan KLX150 S motorized 150 cc with a more affordable price. In addition, the size most appropriate to the needs of trail bike users in Indonesia, "said Shigeo Ikemoto, President Director of PT KMI.

Because the price is quite expensive compared to most ordinary motor sport, KMI does not make grandiose target for this motor. "Target our KLX150S can sell about 15,000 units for this year, is already good," said Mitshuhiko Okada, Division Marketing Manager KMI.

Meanwhile, according to the Kawasaki dealer in Yogyakarta who attend the launch of this event, said peminat bike trail is high enough in the area. "We can sell 1500 units per month," he said.

Tens of thousands
With KLX150S, KMI expects to increase sales in Indonesia this year reached 80,000 units. "Last year, we reach 45,000 new units," said Okada. In fact, until this May, Okada confess already sold 25,000 units of products from various models.

"Sales figures now, that is 5000 units per month, that does not comply with the target until the end of the year. However, the future, sales will increase, "he said.

Added, Kawasaki at this time trying to improve image, improving the quality of services. He also confessed, first drawn a lot of product Kawasaki dealer because they can not sell. "Now we have been working with the leasing agency to support our sales," beber Okada again. Also described, excellent product Kawasaki still duck, the Blitz.

Technical Specification
Kawasaki KLX150S engine using 4-step, SOHC, single cylinder, 2 valves. Capacity of the original 144 cc engine and power 11PS@8.000 rpm and torsi maximum 12 rpm Nm@6.500. Motor is still using the Keihin carburettor NCV24 with 5 speed transmission.
Features of this motor has electric starter and rear monoshock Suspensi. Because the dual purpose, also equipped with a motor sein lamp and lamp cover with a sporty design. The two wheels, front and back, using the brake disc.


Komentar :

ada 3 comments ke “Kawasaki Trail KLX150S”
duta said...
pada hari 

suspensi depan bagusnya memakai yang up side down!

Bakhirun said...
pada hari 

What a disappointment. Great frame, suspension, brakes - and a dead motor. 11ps? Come on, that's less than a bebek.

Kawasaki produced a prototype of the KLX with a Ninja two-stroke engine. I saw it at the Bogor dealer's. It looked great. They already know this engine; if they detuned it a little it would be perfect.

Twenty-one million rupiah for this weak sister? Sorry, you fail Kawasaki.


(I ride a KLX-250, to Malingping, Krui, Subang, Parakansalak...)

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