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June 27, 2011

Honda Beat Extreme Modification

Underestimated Bali motorcycle modification? Looks at this Honda Beat 2010 by Deny from Bali.
However, that does not mean there is no breakthrough. The power of art owned island
resort community reflected on this matic scooter. For example, oversize wheelbase to wide mode. When most of the features of bone fracture modifier, Denny just wrapped. "I made this because the base of the Honda Beat is a short wheelbase. So, if additional bone is left naked, make a comparison of the upper and lower body so it is not balanced," Denny reasons. That way, he added, disproportionate appearance and looks hollow.

Moreover, the Honda Beat, he lengthen wheelbase. Rear up to 40 cm and 20 cm forward.
In order not to seem empty, long bones were made full-fiber clothes. Here Deny's creativity appeared. Because the concept of low rider is a lot, it adds flavor chopper. "It's really made clothes to cover the wheel. So full of ideas created 'sepatbor'," said the fitness center business owners.

Making the body is not arbitrary. Denny must align indentations on the original body
BEAT with home made body. Curved line below 45 degrees to the body, for example, is
nothing but follow the original body. "So, no pull grooves or lines to the contrary," said the father who has three children.

Although the body was clad in clothes tub BEAT robes, Denny was able to shed their
creativity to be seen. One of them, two-pipe exhaust design model that protrude like
elephant nose. "Connecting the concept of low-rider chopper, 'knalpot' do so
characteristic of this model chopper, 'said Denny.

There's more. He slipped quite a sophisticated technology, such as the engine
indicator light "on / off" on the handlebars and concurrent panel indicator sein.
Then, the lights can stop blinking (when the rain), similar performance in F1 racing
car when it rains.

"All of operation simply by pressing a single button that innate BEAT. I also made the seat release button automatically using a hydraulic mechanism. This new idea I try to offer," Retro Motor boss proud of this.
Another breakthrough, replaced the front sokbreker rigid model. Damping using the
swing arm system, so sokbreker in the middle of the body so it works. "If there is
movement due to uneven roads, the handlebars will be down slightly, while the body
near the footrests slightly open. Handlebar movement and body openings only 2
centimeters," said Denny.

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